There’s Not Enough Hours In Our Trip

(“…Tom Gray, who got a grade A in 1995, is now lead songwriter for top band Gomez…”)

We rounded off our week of live events with a another cracking gig, Gomez at the Apollo (observant readers may notice that last night was therefore the second time we’ve visited the Apollo in the space of 4 days, and, in fact, the third time we’ve been to Hammersmith since Sunday. Remind me again why we moved to North London…?)

Anyway, the band were great, and I enjoyed pretty much everything from their opening Bring It On through to We Haven’t Turned Around and Whippin’ Picadilly at the end (how could they finish with anything else…) No 78 Stone Wobble though (and they never play Machismo, which is one of my favourites), but still great (and the new album’s sounding excellent). I think even Sal enjoyed it, despite having only the most cursory of previous exposure to the band.

Tonight I will be mostly sleeping.