They’re Making It Up

From a BBC article about a shooting at Harvey Nicks:

Also in the restaurant was Bristol University student Natasha Horsey, 20, who said: “My friend came to join us at 8 o’clock and she was not allowed upstairs so I went down to get her.

“They just evacuated us. We were in the middle of supper.”

Bristol University? Natasha Horsey? “supper“? Why not just call her Alice Sloane and be done with it…

Also this week, an article in the indie discussed the shocking reality that more and more women are choosing to have breast enlargements. Later on in the article (and this bit is sadly no longer online), there was a quote from a representative of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons who decried the current trend. Helpfully, the article included the abbreviation for this organisation, even though it wasn’t referred to again. The abbreviation? Well, of course, it’s BAAPS.

Surely shome mishtake?

6 thoughts on “They’re Making It Up”

  1. ARGH! Clicked “start again” instead of “preview”.

    Anyway, Googling “Natasha Horsey” finds only a (broken) link to “Natasha’s Horsey Home Page“, which at first I read excitedly as “Natasha Horsey’s Home Page”.

    It would be unusual for Tasha not to have any reference to her twenty years on this earth on the web, wouldn’t it?

    Shouldn’t someone be writing an angry letter about this?

  2. Hmm – there’s now no reference to Tasha in the story. Perhaps someone was rumbled.

  3. Oh yes, you’re right. How odd.

    I wasn’t actually suggesting that good old auntie had been inventing eyewitnesses. I mean that would be shocking, wouldn’t it? I just thought the presence of Bristol’s Ms Horsey and her supper at Harvey Nicks seemed a bit, well, too cliched to be true.

    Then again, if Heywood Jablome survived hurricane Katrina, I guess anything’s possible…

  4. Not all people who have supper are horsey.

    I have supper. Like Christ.

    He wasn’t horsey was he? Apparently he preferred donkeys. Although he did have rather floppy hair.

  5. Floppy hair and supper… Are you saying Jesus was a sloane?

    I mean, I know he was supposed to have been to glastonbury with Joseph of whatsits and all, but I’m sure it was a bit more crusty in those days and he probably only went for the bands anyway.

    Still, I’ll give you a fiver if you can find a version of the bible where he rides into town on the back of that donkey with his pink jumper slung over his back, and both sleeves tied together around his neck.

  6. Hmmm.

    I don’t think sloanes go to glastonbury or say “supper”. Maybe I’m just on the defensive, but I imagine they would say “High Tea”.

    Further evidence that Jeebers was a sloane includes the fact that he thought he could walk on water, got a job in his fathers’ business (both of them) and enjoyed the company of prostitutes.

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