World of Mud (Best Glastonbury Ever)

As you may have noticed from the previous picture, I’ve just returned from a deeply muddy, but fantastic, Glastonbury weekend (well, Mr Eavis said it was the best ever, and it’s not like he says that every year or anything). This year, for the first time, I arrived on site on the Wednesday morning, barely ...

Note to Google: I don’t have that many friends

Glastonbury was great, and I’ll write a full report a bit later (and hopefully post some of my photos, although perhaps not all of them, given that I managed to fill an entire memory card with 100+ pictures of muddy tents). In the mean time, I’ve just been given a whole pile new Gmail invites ...

Out of Blog Auto Reply

For the next last few days, I have been doing this:

See You On The Way Down

One of the attractions of moving to Islington at the start of the year, (apart from its proximity to transport connections for my soon to be ex-work, and its at the time unknown potential for pub-related Google glory–doh! broken my own rule already), was the fact that there’d be a live music venue just down ...

Googlebombing: the last post (or this joke isn’t funny any more)

I still haven’t been doing anything even remotely interesting recently (it rained a bit, we stayed in, we went to the pub, watched some football, you know the sort of predictably boring stuff), so in the absence of anything more interesting to talk about, just one last post on that whole googlebombing nonsense. I was ...

Non Blog

Something of a mid-festival lull at the moment, so I don’t have anything exciting to write about (well, there is that one thing that’s going to affect my everyday life in quite a significant way–and, perhaps, my ability to blog with impunity between the hours of 9 and 5–but I’m not sure I should announce ...

Cory Doctorow is Killing Music

Cory Doctorow has some excellent things to say about Digital Rights Management and copyright issues in this article: Why Microsoft should get out of DRM. Well worth reading, if you have even the slightest interest in music, films and what their associated businesses would like to stop you doing with them.

The BBC, the lost tape and the 6-foot fridge

Apologies for the non-post, but this made me laugh.

Who am I to question the ways of Google?

The other week, the rudest pub in islington was no more, but somehow it’s back now. Even better, I spotted this today. I can’t guarantee that it’s going to hang around, so I took a screengrab for posterity.

Festival Training Session

A mere dress rehearsal for the bigger and better festival happenings to come the weekend after next it may have been, but this weekend’s Isle of Wight festival was still great. I wasn’t overly impressed with the two old blokes pretending to be The Who, and found everything post-Word Gets Around that the Stereophonics played ...