Who needs “Word of the Day”, when you have spam? 1

My spam email seems to be getting ever more bizarre by the minute. In what I presume is an attempt to defeat bayesian spam filters, the spamers are filling their emails with random obscure words.

I just got a mortgage approval email with the subject heading “Re: bellicose voluble”, which almost sounds like it might be a google-whack (it’s not though), and my bulk mail folder is stuffed full of messages with subject titles like “rogers augustus dysplasia narcissus stature asuncion albuquerque” (which you can almost, but not quite, sing to the tune of the King of Rock and Roll) and “sap wool pageant finale liquefaction splash camille dangle dusen”. They might get past some spam filters, but do the spammers honestly think that people are likely to open these emails?

Ah well, at least it provides a distraction–I like my Friday afternoons to be nicely surreal.

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  1. Rob Apr 19,2004 09:31

    place roof snake summer cake

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