21 Grams 1

Sal and I watched 21 Grams on DVD last night. It’s quite good, actually (if you can get over the daftness of its central premise about 21 grams being “the weight of the soul”, which is, er, complete nonsense). Naomi Watts, as usual, is excellent, doing that believable emotional range thing she does in Mulholland Drive again, but Benicio Del Toro and Sean Penn also put in impressive performances. I give 21 Grams 18 grams of pseudo-scientific nonsense out of 21 grams of pseudo-scientific nonsense.

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  1. Dave Mar 25,2004 18:41

    Guillermo Arriaga (the writer) is at the Bremuda Film Festival. So am I. He is a very nice chap.

    The end.

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