Earlier this week, I was mocked at home for reading a book about punctuation (Eats, Shoots & Leaves, natch, the Schott’s Miscellany for writers) instead of mindlessly watching Sex and the City and the Brit awards. Anyway, just to prove that it does matter, I feel it only appropriate to link to this article about how the judges ruling on whether San Francisco should continue to allow gay marriages have thrown out the conservative proposition to ban them because of a misused semicolon:

“‘I am not trying to be petty here, but it is a big deal … That semicolon is a big deal,’ said San Francisco Superior Court Judge James Warren.”

Too right. Anybody who thinks it doesn’t matter has obviously never been in a room with a team of professional writers. I once had an argument about bulleted lists that listed for weeks.

3 thoughts on “See…”

  1. (and you might want to change
    “Anybody who thinks it doesn’t . . . ” to
    “Anybody who thinks it isn’t . . . “.)

  2. Actually, that was a typo. I meant to say “Anybody who thinks it doesn’t matter” (now corrected).

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