It’s got nothing to do with your Vorsprung durch technic, you know

Shrugging off the nasty cold that’s been bugging me ever since returning home, but which thankfully seems to be on its way now, I headed over to the Brixton Academy last night to see Blur for the second time this year. On the whole they were very good, choosing to play more of a greatest hits-y set than they did when we saw them at the Astoria back in March. Obviously there was still no Graham, so no Coffee and TV, but they did play a whole pile of stuff off Parklife (like Bad Head, This Is A Low, To The End, Girls and Boys), along with the likes of Tender, For Tomorrow, She’s So High and The Universal. All of which made the few songs they did play from Think Tank (as well as Trimm Trabb–why?) sound a bit average. But, the highlight for me would have to be the appearance of Phil Daniels during the encore for both Me, White Noise (the hidden track off Think Tank), and, fantastically, Parklife. Wonderful.

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